December 27th, 2014

Rating out the dangers most countries

1 century in the yard, and our lives, despite the constant development of technological progress, it is becoming more dangerous and more dangerous. Almost every day on TV about the transfer occurred accidents, sometimes – about another terrorist attack (sometimes this fear is this series of bleak message that I want to close the house and sit and watch the world not only as through a window). What can I say about the holiday, and when the soul and the body asks holiday? So you start to wonder, where to go to and relax and at the same time feel safe. Deal with this issue we will list of the most dangerous countries, which was compiled by British experts in 2007 and published in the journal Forbes. All applicant countries were evaluated primarily on the following criteria: the level of crime, political stability, as well as the level of service, the number of kidnappings and terrorism. As a result, the so-called "black list" were 10 states which, according to experts, to date, are the most dangerous.
Last year one of the most dangerous countries in the world has become Somalia. British experts poring over this country for all the developed criteria, came to the unanimous conclusion that the danger level of tourism in the country close to the maximum. This is explained by the fact that very often occur here military clashes, kidnappings for ransom, threatening the lives of tourists and there is a chance to encounter landmines.

Generally not recommended for tourists to visit one of the African continent, namely Sedan (especially its southern part, where there are constant clashes with government insurgent groups).
Democratic Republic of Congo is no less dangerous (despite the fact that the war is officially over, the situation in the country remains extremely dangerous). Especially, according to experts, dangerous area called Ituri. But it is not only dangerous African country. Acceded to and Zimbabwe (though she got the list, mainly due to weak political situation and the lack of respect for the tourists).
Followed by Afghanistan, which is considered one of the most unpredictable countries. "War-torn" Iraq – next on the list.
"Tourist unusable." This is far from flattering title, got Pakistan, and all because of the terrorist activities of al-Qaida.

In addition, the list were Lebanon and Palestine. And finally, closes the list of Haiti (where, according to experts, is not complied with the rules of law, along with a high risk of kidnapping). Port-au-Prince is considered especially dangerous for tourists.
But before you travel, it must be remembered that, apart from the above countries, equally dangerous are those that are in high demand among tourists. For example, the British insurance company Norwich Union Travel Insurance, analyzed 60,000 appeals tourists amounted your rating dangerous countries. As the tourists themselves, the most dangerous in Thailand, which has won a "bad name" amount of accidents and poisonings.
Extreme caution and need to be careful during the tour in the national park in South Africa, as it may be the last in your life – wildlife familiarity does not forgive.

People suffering from allergic diseases, primarily, it is not recommended to visit the Caribbean, as there is very high risk that you bitten by a poisonous insect. Well, the leader in petty theft and fraud Brits named the Czech Republic (it is here that most of the victims of pickpockets with their faces criminal art).

We should not lose sight of the fact that, coming on vacation, you will, unfortunately, be wary of not only people, but also the nature of exotic countries. That is why the application was published by Forbes Traveler top five countries with unsafe fauna. Here are retained championship for Cape Coast, where white sharks lurk tourists. Australian Kakadu with its crocodiles, cannibals occupies the second place. In third place – Tanzania (that tourists come here to see the lions). Canada and its polar bears are in fourth place in the list. And closes the top five in India, since it is here that you can see these man-eating tigers.