December 3rd, 2014

Prague taxi drivers must pass examinations. Buy a tour to the Czech Republic from Krivoy Rog Krivoy Rog!

Taxi drivers working in Prague, are now required to take exams in geography capital. City Hall prepares an order which is currently being discussed in separate district administrations. To date, the taxi drivers are required to take the exam only once. When a new order, taxi drivers will take exams every 5 years and must demonstrate their knowledge of the area, train stations and streets. Repeat examinations will oblige all taxi drivers, otherwise their license will be invalid. Exams are scheduled for 2013. Buy a bus tour to the Czech Republic from Krivoy Rog Discovery tour company offers.

In addition to geography taxi drivers will have to show their knowledge in certain legal aspects relating to direct work of taxi drivers. Also they will have to demonstrate their ability to deal with a taximeter. City Hall will also present and rules exam retake failed to taxi drivers. Schengen visa to the Czech Republic in Krivoy Rog – a question that interests many, but not yet a travel company Discovery. Such an order will be the mayor's office to protest Association concessionaires service taxi drivers. According to the organization, the new rules will complicate life taxi drivers as regards illegal business in this area, then they will not help here.