April 10th, 2014

position – a barrier to travel or not?

Travel. How tempting it sounds. Who among us, doing routine work, would not dream to give up on everything by hand and be somewhere in Paris or Italy, or … In a word far away. However, soaring in the clouds, we should not forget that all travel is still fraught with a certain amount of risk. And what do you do if the arrival of the holiday is not only a happy event in your life? How to spend it while pregnant? Most women worry about the health of their baby during pregnancy did not dare to travel. Perhaps for good reason. Since 5-6 months neither the mother nor the child, according to doctors, the danger is not exposed. But we should not forget the proverb: "Better safe than sorry." And before you go to the long-awaited vacation expectant mother it is worth to visit the doctor to get his permission and the necessary instructions. So, dear women, your journey will benefit both you and your child, if you strictly comply with certain rules.

First of all, remember that the journey should not bore you. Secondly, it is desirable to choose to stay one place stay. Third, if you went to the resort, check with your regime holiday exhibitions and tours. However, avoid these excursions, where you may have to refrain from urinating – it is very harmful, as it can lead to infection of the urinary tract. In order to avoid all sorts of trouble, try to carefully follow the diet prescribed by the doctor. No need to visit any museum for skipping breakfast or lunch. Besides, the rest should not drink the water of unknown origin. Eat better tested juices or tea. Going on a long trip, do not forget to take your vitamins, essential medicines, comfortable shoes. Determine the place of residence for a period of rest should be, first of all, find out the address located at the vicinity of the hospital. And do not forget the home pregnancy history (just in case). Remember, you are now in response not only for themselves but also for your child.