September 6th, 2014

Photos of naked airline stewardesses Avianova Travel Agency Krivoy Rog!

New ad airline Avianova surprised everyone: to attract customers decided to dress up stewardesses wash plane.

In the first minutes of advertising airline shows "stewardesses", which in a uniform, but it's not for long.

After that, they quickly removed most of his clothes and began to wash the plane Avianova.

Such an approach, the union representing the crew in Austria, condemned as "humiliating" and "unpleasant."

Cabin Crew Association of Australia (Faaa) spoke sharply against Avianova, arguing that they represent their crew members as sexual objects, and humiliated them to the status of "product."

Union has threatened to raise the issue of the International Transport Federation, said that advertising is demeaning to women. At the same time, men are passengers on board the aircraft to behave inappropriately.

"Such suggestive advertising portraying the crew of the products they sell, sends the wrong signals and puts the crew to the risk of sexual harassment and violence," says the association's Faaa.

Within two weeks of the start advertising on YouTube, the clip has been viewed more than 200,000 times.