July 12th, 2014

Parthenon restoration completed in 2013 Krivoy Rog!

Several days ago, Honorary Director of the Acropolis monuments service Mary Ioannidou told that the program involving the restoration of the Parthenon to be completed before 2013.

Restoration of monuments belonging to the Acropolis began in 2011. Since that time, the north-western and south-western part of the Parthenon was shot 74 frames, including the present and metopes "Evangelizmos." Besides copies were removed from the pediment sculptures and some other items. Previous blocks and other parts inside the Parthenon, where their restoration. Discovery Company offers tours in Greece from Krivoy Rog to all those who wish to stay present.

Chief Acropolis restoration project, which concerned the Parthenon, Temple of Nike and propileus which was funded under the third program of EU support, crowned with great success.

Funding for the new program is 8 million euros.