August 1st, 2014

Opened a fancy hotel Jade Mountain of three walls Krivoy Rog!

On the Caribbean island of St. Lucia on the beach opened a fancy hotel "Jade Mountain".

The hotel is amazing: he has only three walls. "I want my guests to get away something more than a comfy room, prepaid menu and a miniature bar of soap in the shower, – says Nick. – The hotel needs to wake passion! "

With an almost imperceptible hotel. But getting inside, few can resist the cry of surprise. The interior is made with the art of engineering that see the person "on the street" is almost impossible. And the sound of the waterfall flowing perfectly masks outside noises.

"Jade Mountain" really able to awaken in people a lot, writes When you fall asleep and wake up, open to all the winds of the sea, when day and night living in the mountains drop twin Piton Mountains and sunsets and sunrises are happening right in your room, willy-nilly become a different person.

Item, the final picture – fancy pool, giving a full sense of personal waterfall at the threshold number. It is a pleasure from 1250 to 2050 dollars a day.

The island of St. Lucia – is a great place for sports, both traditional and extreme (water skiing, speed skiing, "banana", sailing). All this you can offer hotel where you are staying. Also on the island many kinds of yacht clubs and golf clubs.