July 2nd, 2014

Opatija – Kvarner town

Of tears, stars and breath of the sea …

This phrase from George Bernard Shaw saying about one of the places in Croatia. And did the country fall in love with a lot of famous and influential people from different eras.
It is known that when the great Russian writer Anton Chekhov blues happened, he went to be treated in Croatia. More precisely – in Opatija, one of the cities of the Kvarner region.

Locals call it "the city of wounded hearts." It really strolled at different times, making your daily exercise and recording wounds, the most famous smoothies and human heart – Isadora Duncan, Giacomo Puccini, Gustav Mahler, James Joyce …

The small fishing village on the east coast of the Istrian peninsula in Croatia, where the Alps close fit to the Adriatic Sea, has become a fashionable resort in the middle of the XIX century. This place has attracted wealthy one Croat. In search of peace he settled here and built a luxury villa, near a park, planted exotic trees. Gradually, it became a place of high society villa party. Many liked. For example, the Austrian empress Maria Anna, arrived here on the first week, was so fascinated by the beauty of Opatija, which remained for the whole summer.

Modern Opatija – this promenade on one side of it – the sea, on the other – streets, climbing up the hill. Here, surrounded by the Empire, Baroque and other architectural delights everyone will feel like a king or queen.
The climate is mild and wet enough so Opatija is known for its lush vegetation and parks. Symbol of Opatija – Japanese camellia flowers delicate blossoming at the foot of the mountain Uka which Opatija harbor from the sea winds. In the Gulf, thus, creates a special microclimate, vegetation and therefore mostly Mediterranean and there is even a very exotic plants: besides camellias in Opatija grow magnolias, palms and bamboo. Average air temperature is several degrees higher than in the surrounding areas and the hotel is surrounded by lush evergreens.

Gourmet in Opatija rich selection of cozy restaurants and cafes serving international and local cuisine. You can relax in the elegant place, and in a simple, almost rustic setting coastal taverns. Continue the rest can either walk along the wonderful promenade, or on a bench near one of the fountains, or – increasingly – on the dance floor in the disco club or casino.

The swimming season lasts from June to late October, the winters are mild, so stay in Opatija pleasant all year round. Travel opportunities are wide enough, convenient location allows the resort to make interesting programs, combining leisure with shopping, spa treatments, cultural events.

Recently in Opatija in the hotel "Grand Hotel Adriatic" has opened a new "Phytoaroma & Wellness" center, located on the territory of over 600 m2 and includes 13 massage rooms and 5 rooms for bathing. Wellness center is located on the top floor of the building, so has a large terrace for sunbathing and an unforgettable view of the entire Bay of Kvarner.

Original architecture, interesting design decision and has recently released a new line of cosmetics "Essentia Adriatika", whose products are based on the use of algae and fragrant herbs of the natural park "UKA" – this is only one component of this newest wellness center, where reigns the overall atmosphere rest and relaxation.

Thanks to an increasing number of new-the-art wellness centers opened in different parts of Croatia in the last few years, this country is becoming more competitive and well-known not only regionally but also internationally wellness services. In addition to the existing high-end wellness centers in Dubrovnik, Split, Biograd, Lovran, Porec, Rovi is not, Zagreb and other cities, will soon open a new wellness center at the hotel "Ambassador" in Opatija, the Hotel "Aurora" on the island of Loinj and City wellness center "Outfit" in the town of Samobor.

Region Kvarner or Croatian Primorje is located between the Istrian Peninsula, the mainland of Croatia and Dalmatia.

Kvarneoa region has several interesting tourist areas: Gorski Kotar – mountain oasis of pristine nature and tranquility, located an hour's drive from the coast and the coast itself from Opatija to Karlobag adjacent islands. Kvarner islands are well developed for tourism. The island of Krk, the largest Adriatic island, is the cradle of the alphabet "Glagolitic" and boasts picturesque towns. Tsrez, oasis of untouched nature reserve famous for bald eagles.

Losinj Island is famous for rich pine forests and a mild climate, Rab, one of the most developed tourist island, on whose beaches bathed Prince Windsor and American Simpson. Pag Island offers beautiful coves and beaches; rich hunting; Pashsky famous cheese; known worldwide Pashskie lace and valuable monuments. Interesting ornithological reserves Povlyansko and Kolansko Blato. Kvarner often choose to stay demanding guests, who can