November 5th, 2014

On the beaches of Malaysia opened the hunt for Lovers Krivoy Rog!

On the beaches of Malaysia for Muslims opened the hunt for couples who are engaged in is not what is needed – that is sex.

Every Muslim Brigade protecting morality, caught up to 10 pairs. Many of them are students of local universities. If tourists face fines, the locals – Syariah Court: criminals face a fine, from one month to three years in prison or flogging.

It turns out that about 60% of the 28 millionth of Malaysia's population is Muslim.

As one 48-year-old hunter, from 2004 until today, he managed to catch 1,200 pairs.

I guess in my experience, the hunter knows where to hide in love. According to him, the perpetrators hide behind coconut trees, large boulders, in cars or nooks beach. And they are calculated by the shallow breathing and sounds of kisses. In most cases, hunters manage to catch criminals naked.

Strange sharia law do not apply to citizens of other religions, such as Buddhists or Hindus.