September 12th, 2014

New forms of tourism for the wealthy

In the past few years, tourism is becoming increasingly popular, so grow and travel offers. At the moment, the era of tourist offers first-class millionaires. As the saying goes: "To good to quickly get used to," so people owning millions already "pall" exclusive places indescribably beautiful scenery, luxury hotels, and a thirst for the new, the unknown remains. To date, several companies in the world have decided to use this situation for space exploration as a tourist destination, the monetary capacity of which today is estimated at $ 1 billion. What is this space tourism? For example, the company Galactic Suite Project of Barcelona created a project, which was named "Space Hotel". Under assumptions of the founders of the hotel station for space tourists will be built on orbit at an altitude of 450 km in 2012. And you can enjoy the vast expanses of space for a week, provided that you have the "modest sum" of $ 4 million. Included in the price and a few weeks of training tourist astronauts on one of the Caribbean islands. Studying the profitability of this business, conducted a study and found out that the creators of space hotel can count on 40,000 wealthy people who might be interested in this specific proposal. Moreover, the reality of this kind of tourism will be very soon, as the first packages to orbit will be on sale next year.
Almost at the same time in Germany, a draft space hotel. But, unfortunately, is still only on paper. Although it is hoped that the hotel rooms consisting of modules Versatile Tank, quite possibly, still find its use in the near future.

And in 2012, the project has to start another European company that promises to make Earth orbit more democratic and accessible. Thus, according to the creator of the project, just over 200 million euros to a height of more than 100 km will rise just 4 traveler. During the flight (which will last one and a half hours) passengers spacecraft promise joy 3 minutes complete weightlessness. Plus lucky ones will see up close (through portholes missiles) sky, the sun and stars. A spaceship design itself provides for take-off from any airport on turbojet engines at an altitude of 12 km and turn on the rocket engine for 80 seconds to lift the crew height of 60 km. Then the force of inertia takes the ship to an altitude of 100 km.

Competitor for the previous project is the Atlantic Ocean. This is a company formed by British billionaire Richard Branson in the U.S., offers similar space flight cost 110,000 pounds since 2009. And, now sold space on spaceships. To make a purchase you need to deposit 20,000 dollars, that is one-tenth the cost of the ticket. At the moment, the number of orders has exceeded 38,000.

But the company from Virginia Space Adventures from theory to practice has already passed and sent five tourists to the ISS aboard a Russian spacecraft. On, according to the director, the company is not going to stop there. Now there is an increase in the cost of such space travel. Therefore, there is speculation that perhaps competitors race in outer space would benefit all parties and soon the inhabitants of the land will be able to consider a trip into space as an alternative to the usual holiday on exotic islands.
Well, for the so-called "golden mean" (ie, for those who have space can not afford, and the "island" had enough) travel companies are costly adventure above ground and under water. For example, the Ministry of Tourism of Nepal has decided to encourage amateur climbers and developing a special system of discounts for Everest. This led to the creation of the first tourist group amateurs, consisting of 10 people who agreed to pay 87,000 dollars to win one of the peaks of Mount Everest 8850 m height

And here is another example, today there are a few (yet) offer a comfortable voyage to conduct submarine sea depths. This is one of the novelties of the exclusive and extra-expensive tourism. Moreover, it should be noted that the new product from the first days of the birth, many liking. This confirms the fact that a special class tourist submarine has already been tested by hundreds of wealthy people. And some of them underwater vacation so impressed that they ordered a personal submarines for long journeys. And, vice president of marketing at US Submarines Jean-Claude Karm claims that orders for the construction of such vessels are planned for many years to come. Among the richest people in the world to a personal underwater tourism addicted for many, and among owners of tourist-class submarines called and Roman Abramovich.