July 13th, 2014

National Geographic Magazine invites you to tour

For those who are seriously keen on (or interested so far) history of the great geographical travel, often risky expeditions certainly know the name of one of the most famous magazines. You are right. We are talking about National Geographic. During its 120-year history of the magazine published thousands of articles, maps, photos and reports of outstanding researchers, scholars and travelers, extreme. But that dive into the mysterious world of travel with a famous publication can not only mentally, but also "live", know certainly not all. But hundreds of people who love to travel, passengers have become a partner of the famous cruise ship journal of Lindblad Expeditions. Also from National Geographic expedition suitable for both single travelers and for family holidays. And it happens because of the huge diversity and a wide variety of destinations expeditions. And to accompany you, as guides for the entire segment will stay famous travelers, scientists, photographers, environmentalists, researchers and writers submariners. As a result, during the tour you will not only hear, but actually see what you have read and will not see anywhere else. In addition, all six ships, which are cruises – Explorer, Endeavour, Islander, Polaris, Sea Bird and Sea Lion – equipped with the necessary equipment to discover. During the trip you can visit the library and health centers, facilities that meet the highest class.