October 5th, 2014

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We all wrote your name in the sand on the beach when we were small, but all of our writing was washed off the first wave. But the name of Sheikh Hamad bin can even see from space.

63-year-old Sheikh Saudi Arabia has decided that his name was written in the desert island al-Futaisi.

The team of professionals working for weeks fulfilled his wish. Now the name "Hamad" in size in width of 1000 meters and 3000 meters in length can be seen from space.

Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, a condition which is second only to the Saudi king. Known as the "Rainbow Sheikh" has a taste of things to do on a large scale.

He has a huge collection of about 200 cars, which he keeps in a giant pyramid, he built the largest truck in the world, with four bedrooms inside the cabin, and also owns a house on wheels, in the form of our planet.

But in addition to his eccentricities, Sheikh Hamad also known for his generous donations, especially in the field of medicine.

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