February 20th, 2014

Museum opens in Stuttgart Porsche Travel Agency Krivoy Rog!

In Stuttgart, Germany, is building of the museum Porsche.

Exhibition hall dedicated to the history of the illustrious brands of cars, appeared in the city in 1976, but in the new century there was a need to expand the area. Update on the museum, which will open soon in the Zuffenhausen district on Porscheplatz, had spent more than 60 million euros. Construction work started in October 2005, are nearing completion.

By the opening of the new museum keepers "heirlooms Porsche restored exhibits, including the very first 911 and the first prototype of the Porsche 924. But now we are more interested in the story not included cars and breathtaking architecture of the building. Some of the exhibits are already transported to the new building.

Stylish modern museum building designed by the architectural firm Delugan Meissl from Vienna. Externally the museum resembles a large-scale sculptural composition, which, thanks to its special construction soars above the ground and the design of its interior is different expression. Exhibition spaces are terraces connected long suites of stairs. The new museum will be able to take much more visitors than its predecessor: earlier year exposure Porsche could look around 80,000 people, but now their number will increase to 200,000.