July 12th, 2014

Montenegro from Krivoy Rog offers visitors hiking trails Krivoy Rog!

Montenegro is valued not only for its beaches and clean sea. There are many natural systems, which are admired by many tourists visiting the country. This season will open new routes in the natural complex, which is called "Biogradska mountain."

This national park is considered one of the best natural reserves in Europe. This area attracts lovers of ecotourism. Relax in Montenegro from Krivoy Rog possible with a tour company Discovery . On the slopes of the mountains there are many Biogradska comfortable hiking and hunting season, there are going to fans of this type of holiday. On the shore of a glacial lake you can fish and have a good rest.

For added convenience, a nature reserve there was a parking lot, which was created with all the regulations in force in Europe. Tours in Montenegro from Krivoy Rog Discovery tour company offers Krivoy Rog. According to the administration of the park, parking make Biogradska mountain even more attractive for visitors, and for local residents.

All routes are developed with taking into account that take part in the walk could not only prepared for tourists but also those who go on their first hike for the first time.