May 5th, 2014

Miami – Florida gem

The largest cruise port, the most popular resort of Florida, a favorite vacation spot both Americans and foreigners. Subtropical climate, numerous entertainment and attractions, a variety of tropical vegetation, the eternal summer with an average temperature of +22 C in February, warm Atlantic Ocean and beautiful beaches – all this attracts tourists from around the world. The airport is located eight kilometers from downtown Miami. In the city of an extensive network of bus routes and taxis operate metromuver (suspended monorail). The population is about Zmln people, most of whom are employed in the tourist industry, trade, food and light industry. After Miami – it is also the center of the U.S. fashion industry. Regularly hosts fashion show.

The city was founded in 1870 on the site of a military settlement Fort Dallas. In the language of the Indians word "Miami" means "sweet water." It was so named in 1891, the ranch Mrs. Julia Dtolo. After her husband's death she loaded the wagon and belongings in search of happiness went from Cleveland to south. Having reached these places, the widow for $ 40 bought a land in the midst of a coconut grove. Until now, the first white settlement of the place is called "Valley of coconuts", although no coconuts here a long time, but there is the prestigious city block.

In 1895, Henry Flagler oil tycoon laid a railway line and thus laid the foundation for the development of tourism in South Florida. The second stage of development of the city began in the 1920s and is associated with the boom in the real estate and smuggling of alcohol imported from Cuba and the Bahamas during the "dry law". The next stage of development was due to the revolutionary events of 1950 – 1960's in Cuba and the subsequent immigration of wealthy Cubans in the United States.

Over time, the town of Miami became almost continuous chain of resort villages stretching along the beautiful sandy beaches of the east coast of Florida. He began to perform the role of a suburban resort, where residents of New York and other cities came even on the weekend. With the development of urban infrastructure and tourism business was once a small town turned into a gem of America. Construction of the port city at the mouth did the Miami River starting point for a variety of cruises in the Caribbean Sea and an important outpost on the ways in Latin America.

Downtown Miami is built modern buildings, including high-rise, a height of 100 meters and more. On the main street of Miami, Briskel Avenue stands the so-called "Tower of the world." This skyscraper is the Museum of the history of Cuban emigration and family live next door dictators in Latin America and Africa. In the late 1950s – early 1960s emigrants moved to Florida from Cuba and formed the Miami area "Little Havana." In the refectory of the local institutions and retail outlets wait staff consists of hot guys, Cubans and burning bryunetochek-ispanochek, understand more Spanish than English. However, most residents metropolis talking in Spanish. Here you can enjoy a real Cuban coffee, enjoy the atmosphere of the island's capital of Liberty as it was before the arrival of Fidel Castro to power. Thanks emigrants Miami became a city where business thrives typically Latin: import-export coffee beans, flowers, sugar cane.

Happy people on the streets of Miami a little. The heat and lack of greenery discourage walking around the city. Short-tropical downpour brings some variety in life vacationers. Most of the population during the day is in the offices and offices, small part of it – in the cars. Garages are located in several levels under the buildings and on the ground floors of houses, and still in Miami particularly acute problem of parking. So when you drive up to the desired institution, a special person for a fee drives away your car to the parking lot, located far away. Going outside, present a receipt, and you fetches the car back.

In the business section of Miami placed banks, offices, office. This area can be viewed from the window of the van, which travels between the skyscrapers to strengthen supports for the monorail. At the stations, no attendants, driverless trains run, stop announces recorded voice. The fare is 25 cents, and at the central station, you can enter for free. The idea of building metromuvera as here called monorail promoted Bush, when he ran for president. As a tourist attraction raised to a height of road works wonderfully. From the height can be, for example, consider the house, through which flew a helicopter in the movie "Terminator". All architectural references this unique building is called "The House with a hole."

Another attraction – the world's largest oceanarium "Seaquarium." It is built on the island of Key Biscayne, there is a toll road. In the three-storey complex Giant hosts various shows with sea lions, turtles and other inhabitants of the ocean depths. Here you can swim in the pool with the dolphins and take pictures, see the rise out of the water Killer Whale – Orca Lolita white and triple somersault movie superstar – Flipper the dolphin.