February 23rd, 2014

Medical insurance

This type of insurance involves the payment or further compensation and treatment for some moments associated with it (medical transportation, visit a relative early return home, etc.). Most countries have a medical insurance policy for the period of stay is necessary for all visitors. Travel companies often approach the problem formally and include only the minimum insurance package. Is it for you? How much money did cover the possible risks? For example, in Russia for $ 1,000 you can get the real treatment, and in Turkey (not the most expensive country in terms of health care) of this amount will be enough for two days in the hospital. Do you like this enough? Decide for yourself …

By the way, accident insurance in general insurance against diseases not usually included. Some companies include the "accident" in a medical insurance policy automatically, others offer to pay for it separately. Purchasing document, you need to pay attention to the area of insurance. Often standard policy is valid in the country stay, but not in those states through which the tourist is in transit. That is if your journey involves, say, bus transfer to Europe with the final stop on the coast of Italy, payment shall be subject only incident that occurred in Italy.

More attention should be paid to the presence in the insurance conditions such thing as a franchise. This is the amount the insurance company will not reimburse you (usually 20-50 dollars). Franchise is conditional and unconditional. In the first case when the insured event cost more than the deductible costs reimbursed in full. In the second case – the net amount of the excess. In Russia, most tour companies draw up policies with a deductible, as it significantly reduces their value. Policy with no deductible expensive, but theoretically it gives you the opportunity not to spend their money on treatment (within the sum insured).

Luggage Insurance

This insurance is offered complete with a basic (medical) insurance or separately as an add-on. Limit baggage insurance companies in all about the same – at 500-2000. Price is the insurance depends on the host country, the timing and valuation of baggage. If not made an inventory of the things set a limit – about 25 y. is, per kilogram. In case of loss of baggage by the airline, in addition to the insurance policyholder receives compensation from the carrier at about 20. is, per kilogram (required to provide the necessary documents at the airport).

Terms of insurance payments in most firms are very similar to:
– With total loss, total or partial loss of luggage pay compensation in the amount of the actual price of things, less its residual value of the damaged luggage, but not exceeding the sum insured specified in the insurance contract;
– At partial damaged baggage reimburse repair costs.
The insurer also covers the cost of search, examination, storage
delivery and found items, rescue and putting in order the insured property. Indirect costs (accommodation, transport costs, etc.) will not be refundable.
Features insurance baggage: money, jewelry, audio, video and other equipment are no exception insured event.

Travel cancellation expenses

Although the procedure of issuing permits for entry into some countries in recent years is complicated, the Russians do not rush to insure against failure of the trip, due to some or other reasons (for example, failed to get a visa). This service is only offered by some insurance company.
According to specialists, such insurance policies are interested, usually those who once was unable to go somewhere. Even large firms realize an average of two to four insurance per month, indicating that the underdevelopment of this product.

By purchasing policy, the tourist can protect themselves in case of death of a close relative, own sudden illness, other force majeure. One of the reasons for the unpopularity of this type of insurance – its high cost. The average price of the policy is 3% of the total cost of the tour at the maximum insured amount of two thousand dollars for traveling in Europe and 4 th – the USA.
Feature of this type of insurance is that the treaty concluded in two to three weeks before departure. So come to avoid fraud when a customer gets sick, and then fear …

Insurance sports injuries

The standard health insurance active sports included as an exception. And no wonder – they are associated with increased injury. Finally advice of professionals: Always carefully read the conditions of the insurance contract!