January 8th, 2014

Making a Schengen visa to Poland just got easier! Krivoy Rog!

On the eve of Euro 2012 Poland and Ukraine simplify visa regime for freer movement of fans from Ukraine to Europe. Now, in order to get ( buy order ) Schengen visa in Poland is no longer necessary to collect huge lists of documents, as it was previously.

With the new 2012, the government of the two countries signed an agreement on visa facilitation between Poland and Ukraine, according to which, now in order to open a tourist Schengen visa, you must provide a minimum package of documents, namely: a passport, a copy of the internal passport and TIN 2 color photos 3.5 x 4.5, and for private entrepreneurs to be added to this list only Certificate of state registration.

The cost of a tourist visa Schengen without personal submission:
7 days – 190 euros
10 days – 210 euros
14 days – 230 euros
20 days – 250 euros

Turnaround time: 14 days

Telephones: (056) 404-82-72, (096) 450-53-46, (063) 270-14-38