October 30th, 2014

Magic Carpet – a fairy tale come true

All of us "from childhood." Each of us at one time read or listened to tales and each believed that it was all true. Then we grew up, childhood left behind somewhere, and with it the belief in miracles, in the unusual items that are present only in fairy tales: flying carpet, magic tablecloth, seven-league boots … But, it is not strange at first glance sounds, the tale can sometimes turn into a reality. Thus, for example, will soon have the opportunity for anyone wanting a ride on a magic carpet. In this case, you will not teach witchcraft. The whole point is that a group of scientists from France and the United States, led by the winner of "Nobel" prize Lakshminarayananom Mahadevanom from Harvard, has developed a draft of the present flying carpet. To project has yielded positive results, scientists, primarily conducted an experiment with a vibrating flexible sheet immersed in fluid. It was found that the sheet if it using a certain set of electric pulses the amplitude of oscillations does not sink even moves in a liquid medium. As a result, The calculations showed that the vibrating "carpet" can just behave in the air. For this it must be positioned close enough to the horizontal surface, for example, the ground or water. Driven by electric discharges object can levitate because between it and the surface area of low pressure occurs. A difference in pressure creates a lifting force.
This miracle of technology can not only rise above the earth, but also to move forward if the direct wave oscillations from one side to the other. Then it will be slightly tilted, like a helicopter, but, unlike him, to move towards a high placed edge. Becomes curious fact that in fairy tales and vintage graphics from flying flying carpets raised exactly cutting edge! In addition to all scientists in the near future are also planning to "teach" his invention make turns.
According to researchers at the moment in the air can hold the carpet with a side of about 10 cm and 0.1 mm in thickness, taking into account the fact that the vibration frequency is 10 Hz with an amplitude of about 0.25 millimeter. With the advent of new items there were also those people who claim that increase the area of this aircraft is almost impossible. They argue such a statement like this: it would require too heavy and powerful engine. Yes and fly constantly vibrating carpet would not be very convenient because of the constant shaking. But the inventors do not despair.