August 28th, 2014

Magazine Geo Saison identified 50 of the most exotic tours

A few days ago the German magazine Geo Saison compiled a list of the most exotic travel the world. As a result, experts were marked 50 rounds. We give just a few examples of such trips. The most ambitious (but not the most expensive) turned round the world trip, which organizers for 24 days and 9 thousand euros will take you from Frankfurt to Frankfurt. However, you will visit the three continents.

In second place was a museum for himself alone. More than a thousand euros worth five-day journey with a visit to the Sistine Chapel in Rome in a day.

Love history and want to feel like a king? Then you can rent one of the halls of Versailles in Paris. And this pleasure will cost you about 8 thousand euros.

If such a pleasure you can not afford, then only 2.5 thousand euros you can make a two-day visit to Stockholm at the gala dinner on the occasion of receiving the Nobel Prize. This will give you the opportunity to share a meal with the monarchs, as the tradition at this time in Stockholm present all the Swedish royal family.

And if you should be a celebration not so refined as bright, then welcome to India, as the culmination of week tour called to attend the wedding of "a la Bollywood." Such a pleasure to Europeans will cost about 10 thousand euros. However, this amount is already included and traditional outfits for weddings.

In five thousand euros estimated trek to the lost in the jungles of Cambodia Angkor Wat temples. At the same time, according to organizers, someone of the tourists may be able to open a new archaeological sensation.

And for the pleasure of spending 6 days driving on American roads, you need to pay only 2 thousand euros. True, this route can visit only those who have the right to drive a truck.

Even more extreme pleasure you can get while in Thailand. For only 650 euros you will teach the basics of driving … elephant. Specially trained people will show you the special teams who are ready to follow the elephant.

Take a trip to the treasures of Cleopatra you can do for a nominal fee. According to legend, Cleopatra sank along with the city of the pharaohs near Alexandria. So, just for 65 euros you will visit under water (accompanied by a coach), and then be able to enjoy a delicious lunch.

But dive to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean will cost you much more. However, over 30 thousand euros on a submarine can descend to a depth of 3.8 thousand meters – where rusting remains of the famous "Titanic."

You will be taught in a two-week period to dance samba, then you will be able to participate fully in the famous winter carnival in Rio de Janeiro. But first you have to give up almost 6 thousand euros.

35 thousand dollars will cost the night in the most expensive hotel of the world – Burj al Arab, which is located in Dubai. This amount includes apartments with a total area of 1.2 thousand square meters. Slightly cheaper meters (30 thousand) will cost two-story room with total area of more than a thousand square meters with views of Las Vegas and a swimming pool.

Another half would be cheaper to stay in the presidential suite of the Adlon in Berlin with a private butler and limousine.

94.5 thousand euros per night costs 120-meter cabin yacht Alysia. For that amount, according to the organizers, you can enjoy the panoramic view from the window, a separate deck, large TV and a rather big bathroom. A 36 passengers this yacht serve 34 people.

The French take tourists admire the garden of the famous painter Claude Monet in Giverny, which is located near Paris. As you know, the famous impressionist painted this garden for more than 40 consecutive years. Today the painting course you can go for 8 days. And it is worth 900 euros.

At night guests can enjoy in the Berlin zoo. 6 people have to pay 3 thousand euros to spend a night in a cabin at the aviary hippos. For this amount, guests can lie on mats and admiring hippos, enjoy gourmet dinner.

And finally, more than 5 thousand euros worth two-week trip to the coldest place on the planet – Oymyakon (there may be up to 68 degrees Celsius).