November 30th, 2014

List of the most dangerous food on the planet

A recent study identified the most dangerous in the world dishes. Here are a few examples – fruit Ackee, who hails from West Africa and is widely used in traditional Jamaican cuisine. If we talk about the appearance, it is very similar to an ordinary bulb, only red. So that it is not your dish was the last, it is necessary to collect at a fixed time after the fruit and expands inside the fruit can see his seed. Ackee is extremely toxic: immature and overripe as all of the fruit contain poison, and in mature form can eat only the flesh around the seeds. In addition to his list and hit the main delicacy Namibia – a giant bullfrog. If only the rest of the world are preparing frogs' legs, as the skin and inside the adult frog contain poison capable of in a few days to disable the liver of a healthy person, the locals eat all of the amphibian, except internal organs. Serious threat to human life and is a distant relative of Japanese poisonous puffer fish – inhabitant of the Indian Ocean. Local fishermen expertly remove poisonous fish parts: scales, liver and reproductive organs. The poison contained in them, causing respiratory failure and paralysis. Near the coast of Japan usual giant venomous jellyfish. It feeds mainly tuna. This fact was the reason that the market often arise with the supply disruption of this type of fish. Therefore, to avoid problems with the production of tuna from a giant poisonous jellyfish made delicacy. The principle is similar to cooking cooking puffer fish: in order to avoid poisoning, you need to gently remove the poisonous parts.