October 26th, 2014

Linger a little longer in London Krivoy Rog!

London Heathrow Airport offers tourists visit Elite Entertainment Center Clubhouse.

True to use all the privileges VIP-guest can only holders of "gold" cards Flying Club and program participants Upper Class.

You can choose where to go: go play the latest games on the classic game consoles in The Den; slozhnosochinenny cocktail drink in the 14-meter bar, decorated with crystals of Swarovsky; watch your favorite movie, sitting on a velvet sofa in a cozy cinema Multiscreen or even visit the spa Cowshed, stay in which plunges you into a state of enlightened Zen Buddhist.

If you climb the marble steps leading off to the ceiling, you will be in Sky Lounge – a place of tranquility and bliss ultimatum.
Panoramic windows allow you to meditate, considering the runway. A garden on the roof. Here in sunny weather for sunbathing. Keep track of time concierge help, like genie when you press a button that sends a signal to the red leather upholstered front desk in the reception hall of the club.

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