October 5th, 2014

Krivoy Rog!

Adlabs Imagica – theme park, which opened recently in India, near Mumbai. How to say its creators – is the first and only theme park in India international level. It is located on the west of the country, between Mumbai and Pune in Khopoli. Of course, many firms began to include it in the park mandatory places to visit in India.

The park is divided into several areas: first – Viva Europa, and the second Jambo Africa. Also park you can see a show called Wrath of the Gods, combines elements of theater, modern special effects, multimedia and dungeons and terrible "torture chambers." There's also a massive attraction called Rajasaurus River Adventure, through which visitors can go into the time of dinosaurs.

In the park there are plenty of memorable performances and laser shows. And there are plenty of restaurants. It is recommended to purchase tickets for a couple of days to catch acquainted with all the rides and attractions.

To go to India and get to this park you just need to apply to the travel agency in Krivoy Rog and plan your trip. Opening visa to India is one of the main tasks of travel.

Holidays in India will be unforgettable if it plans a real expert.