June 5th, 2014

Krivoy Rog!

Working in tourism – the best option for employment. People began to travel more often, and this requires management of tourism, who are planning to stay on the plane to discover. This business is constantly in need of managers, tour agents.

Tourism management in Krivoy Rog – the highest paid profession. But it is difficult to do without special training. Even people with higher education are needed refresher courses and practice.

For those who want to learn this profession, travel agency Discovery Krivoy Rog developed courses "tourism manager." The course helps to learn all the skills that apply to managers in the tourist agencies employers. Students learn computer programs that are needed in this work.

In addition, students receive a tremendous amount of useful information about the specifics of work in the field of tourism. For the development of customer specific courses are conducted.

Under the guidance of experienced executives students have practice, which in the future will help them to become professionals. Many graduates travel Discovery Krivoy Rog start working in their own tourism business. Here, the main perseverance, responsibility and willingness to work.