November 4th, 2014

Journey to the river gorge Cherkasay

Always nice when it's vacation time. Each of us devotes most of his life work, so we are all looking forward to this, when will be able to enjoy the rest, get new impressions. And for those who like to spend your holiday actively, while being charged with new, mostly, pleasant experiences, offer sightseeing tours in the gorge of the river Cherkasay. The tour price includes: road along the route within the agreed program, ticket and lunch.

What's so new and unusual awaits you in this tour? The answer is simple: the opportunity to meet with Semirechensky lyagushkozubom in its natural habitat, ie in shallow, crystal clear mountain streams, forming small lakes with their resulting streams of water. It is very rare and extraordinary creature, Triton class of amphibians, which refers to a narrow endemic and found only in the Seven Rivers. Water, newt habitat should be within +8-12 degrees since +2-3 degrees when seemingly without warm odezhki impossible to live, these amphibians still move and swim, but the water temperature rise not survive. They also occur in the mountains, but only up to a certain altitude (2,500 meters above sea level). On land, because of its slowness and clumsiness lyagushkozuby resemble fairy dragon. Diet these innocuous entities consists essentially of aquatic organisms and insects.
Previously, dried meat Triton used in oriental medicine, so it intensely caught. He is now listed in the Red Book for the protection and conservation of species.