April 18th, 2014

Jerusalem was hidden underground amphitheater of Herod Krivoy Rog!

In Jerusalem, the Hebrew University scientists discovered the theater of Herod.

Especially valuable discovery, according to the head of the archaeological expedition of Professor Ehud Netzer (Ehud Netzer), gives the well-preserved frescoes on the walls of the "royal box" theater.

During excavations at Herodium was found a small amphitheater with 750 seats with built room for VIPs, said Lenta

Scientists maintain that the construction of the theater could be directly linked to the visit to Judea prominent politician and military commander of the Roman Empire by Marcus Agrippa (Marcus Agrippa), who visited Jerusalem in 15 BC.

While archaeologists have fully opened only one of the murals in the "royal box", which depicts a deer, a dog and a demi-god at the ar. The manner in which the painting is made, is very similar to frescoes discovered previously in Rome and Pompeii. Scientists suggest that the decoration of the theater, as well as other premises of the palace complex, Herod I the Great attracted artists from the Roman Empire.

Herod I the Great, king of Judah kind of Herodias, who ruled in 37-4 years. BC