July 28th, 2014

Israel has seen an invasion of jellyfish Krivoy Rog!

In the coastal waters of Israel observed a large number of jellyfish. Invasion which began much earlier than usual. Jellyfish usually mass zapolonyayut Israeli beaches only at the end of June.

Moreover, Israelis should consider themselves lucky – on the Israeli Mediterranean coast appear ordinary jellyfish (Rhopilema nomadica), with a diameter of only a few tens of centimeters. Israel is not unique in their suffering, writes mignews.com

Jellyfish scare away tourists not only on the beaches of Ashkelon and Acre, but also in Japan, on the Black Sea resorts in Namibia and the Gulf of Mexico.

In Japan, these sea creatures are caught – up to 2 meters in diameter and weighing up to 200 kg. In addition to biting swimmers, jellyfish compete with other marine animals, and displace certain species of fish from the coastal waters.