December 17th, 2013

Instead, Moscow Russian woman was in the UAE! Krivoy Rog!

74-year-old resident of Lipetsk Alexander Tatarenko by accident instead of Moscow arrived in the United Arab Emirates! But New Year's Eve adventure is not over yet – the lady stuck on the shores of the Persian Gulf.

In Alma-Ata Alexandra came that-be to nurse her newborn grandson. A New Year's Eve planned to meet in Moscow in the company of their relatives. Lady advance bought a plane ticket flight 256 message Almaty – Moscow on December 25.

On this day from the airport sent two flights with the same digital code – 256. One liner airline "Arabiya" heading at 14.10 in Sharjah. And another – Russian – flew to Moscow at 17.50. But the flight was delayed an overseas country. It later emerged that ships flew with a difference of 10 minutes.

After going through customs a few hours flight dressed in a fur coat in a window Alexandra saw palm trees and bright sun. Surprised lady asked the other passengers the reason for this strange transformation of the Russian capital.

– We waited for our grandmother in "Domodedovo" 3:00 – told a relative Alexandra Vladimir Gerasimov. – At first thought, that it has not passed passport control. But soon she called us from the UAE.

Of course, the passport control the Russian has failed to pass.