January 30th, 2014

Independence Day in Suriname

Today a public holiday in Suriname. The reason for it was the gaining of independence of Suriname from the Netherlands November 25, 1975. Suriname autonomy was recognized as early as 1950, but the country gained full independence only a quarter of a century later. This is the time needed to form a majority of political parties in Suriname. The main celebrations will be held today at the Independence Square and palm gardens surrounding the presidential palace in Paramaribo. Currently, the state is a true "melting pot" of cultures, beliefs and nationalities. As for the political forces that stand here Suriname National Party (Creoles), the Party of progressive reforms (Indians) and the Indonesian Peasant Party (Javanese). However, this day (Independence Day), despite differences in beliefs and political beliefs, say representatives of all nationalities. And this, in turn, makes the holiday especially bright colors and makes it memorable.