December 4th, 2013

Indecent words for foreigner Krivoy Rog!

Abroad machines, detergents and even discordant families abroad. And we need to know how to not lyapnuv, funny or something inappropriate for a foreigner?

In Israel, do not be put off if you pay with a cashier's check will be asked to "write Dahua." So DAHUY (it's not what you think) with transfer means only "check with deferred payment." And if you hear "ATA MUDAG?". Should not swear. This gave translates as "You're concerned about?".

Some problems with the native Russian speakers may occur in Pakistan with the name Durrani, Ebihara Japanese, Bulgarians Kakalovyh.

In Sweden, in conversation colleagues or friends can be heard: "Han gick pa fack" – "He went to the facts." "Fack" – a shortened form of "fackforeningsmote" – "meeting of trade unionists."

In the Czech do not be surprised words ending in-DLO: "hodidlo", "vozidlo", "umyvadlo." However, the most memorable of their succession is undoubtedly "zhradlo" – "feed."

In Finnish root "HUI" scam involves the concept. "Huijari" – "swindler" or "crook", "huiputtaa" – "cheat", "huipuhunta" – "the highest price bid," and she "scam" or "cheating" – huijaus. But the enigmatic expression "hujan hajan" – it's just "mixed."

And Russian women with the surname "Kulikova" must be circumspect in Finland. Here it resembles the phrase "kullekova", where "kulle" – the word of three letters, "kova" – solid, strong. One shudders to think what the epic scope in the imagination of the Finns had a "Battle of Kulikovo" … Although for us too innocent Finnish word for a scarf, sounds like "huivi" n

In Spain, "coffee with cognac" will "carajillo", which is very similar to a dirty word "carajo" (dirty word of three letters).

Also in Spain, you will not find melted cheese Viola, as with the Spanish word for word "viola" ("vola") translates as "rape." Coming to Scandinavia Spaniards are very surprised when they read this. Yes, such a beautiful blonde on a lid displayed.

Victim of its own behalf steel, for example, passenger cars Chevrolet Nova, whose sales fell flat in South America. And all because "no va" in Spanish means "does not go."

Sometime for Soviet car "Lada" had to invent a new name – "Harmony" came about when there was a question about exporting cars to Europe. The fact that the "Lada" is very much like the Italian "gigolo" ("Gigolo"), which means "womanizer", "crook."

The Swedish company Asko 60 years already produces washing machines, ovens and kitchen appliances. But on the Hispanic market place it is not – in Spanish "asco" ("ASCO") – is an "abomination", "disgusting." The letter "a" is read as "k".

It is difficult to name rossiyaninu Shytov English language in the country – it sounds like "shit off". So it is difficult to explain on the Arbat overseas visitors, which is made of boxwood egg a la Faberge. Given that "shit", simply put, "shit."

In Turkey, do not ask in stores kefir "kefir" in Turkish – "invalid." And do not swear to "mess" in the hotel: you may receive an empty glass – "a mess."

Iranians laugh at the phrase: "Kostya took a bite of a delicious apricot pit and threw into the bushes." "Couscous" and "braids" in Farsi means sexual activity.

In Arab countries, not beckoning cats in Russian: "Kitty, kitty." Call consonant Arabic verb, meaning sexual activity.

In Portugal and Brazil, please refrain from the Russian word for "king". Spoken with the Moscow "Akane," it becomes like the Portuguese "caralho" ("Caraglio"), which is translated into Russian as a word of three letters.

In Thailand, addressed beautiful seascape "Well, well!" Can be seen as excessive and even insulting attention to the bust of a passing lady.

In England, it is not necessary to sing in Russian: "Fact!" Ambient hear: "Fuck it!"

In Spain, do not mention the abbreviated name of the team "Lokomotiv" – "Loco". Spanish "loco" – "crazy."

Namesakes Alena Apina: Finnish "apina" – "monkey".

But the Finns coming to Russia, it is advised not to cry, slipped on the street: "Huy!". Passers-by will not understand.