March 4th, 2014

In Ya, a resort built for the elite Krivoy Rog!

At 16 kilometers from the center of Ya, between the Black Sea and the Nikitsky Botanical Garden built gated resort club with a total area of 11.5 hectares.

According to the company, "Antal-Service", the work on this project is divided into several stages. The first stage of reconstruction sanatorium to be completed by the end of autumn 2008, the second – by the summer of 2009. Currently Kiev company "Antal-Service" is working on the reconstruction of government sanatorium "Black Sea", begun in October 2007. The area is 9 ha, of which 5 hectares park with pine and juniper trees. Onsite located 4 buildings with apartments and cottages line.

According to developers, common ideological concept of the project – the creation of private resort club, continuing the tradition of measured rest on the usual Crimean coast.