July 11th, 2014

In Venice, will be restored most famous bridge Krivoy Rog!

One of the most famous Venetian Rialto bridge will be restored. In the time after the restoration work carried out on this bridge 30 years ago.

According to media reports the cost of repairs is estimated 5 to 7 million euros. We also learned that complete restoration will take 1.5 years and will be completed by spring 2015. Currently it is unknown whether the bridge is closed to pedestrians during the restoration work. But Venice will always be considered an attractive tourist destination with the help of a tourist company Discovery which will issue Schengen visa from Krivoy Rog.

According to experts, every year through the Rialto Bridge passes 20 million tourists. This is a pretty heavy load for such an old building. Bridge is the oldest structure of its kind across the Grand Canal. First, it was wooden and stone bridge was built in 1588-1591 years. Several centuries it was the only bridge crossing the Grand Canal. At the moment, the bridge is considered a relic of Venice, and is known throughout the world. Discovery Company invites lovers beautiful vacation tours in Europe from Krivoy Rog. Europe is always amazing.