May 4th, 2014

In Venezuela, the dancing devil dancing Krivoy Rog!

June 11 on the church square in different cities of Venezuela dancing devilish dances that traditionally confined to the Catholic feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, also known as Corpus Christi.

In Naiguate artists "devil dances" prefer costumes decorated with circles, lines and crosses, as well as masks frightening sea creatures.

Throughout the day they visit the houses and shops in order to clear them from evil spirits, in gratitude for the gifts that they receive.

The most spectacular performances are in Caracas and nearby settlements to him, most of which are located on the coast. The most famous of them is San Francisco de Yare, located on the south of the state of Miranda.

An essential attribute of dancers depicting devils are red and yellow masks in papier-mache. The night before the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ are held mass celebrations by candlelight. In the early hours of the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, "devils" visit the graves of their dead ancestors, and then recover to the church mass.

The sound of drums and bells, they are carried by the rapid swirl through the streets, driving, thus, from evil spirits.