October 28th, 2014

In Turkey, tourists attacked and severely beaten Krivoy Rog! Discounted tickets to Turkey, last minute tours to Turkey, holiday in the Crimea, rest on the sea, rest on credit, foreign passport.

The owner of a five-star Turkish hotel Laphetos Beach Resort in Side brutally beat Russian tourists.

According to the incident, August 6 at midnight from Ufa three girlfriends went to the disco-bar Laphetos Beach Resort, but it had closed. Then the tourists on the dance floor dancing to the radio arranged. This environment and the actions of the girls angered the owner's son and a five star hotel that attacked the girl and began to beat them. Unbelievable, but did not know beatings were included in the price?

In this case, the offender, as always, there were high patrons to local police, who arrested the tourists. In order to prove their superiority, they are once again, as it were – produced tourists, or correct it, then he could not make the son of the owner of the hotel Laphetos Beach Resort. In addition, doctors recorded the tourists – drunk. After that, they do not want to go on vacation and at their own expense back in Russia, where the doctors have documented beatings and wrote a letter addressed to the Russian consul in Antalya.

And all this in a five star hotel Laphetos Beach Resort, which was supposed to cost their customers as the most precious. If you go to rest in the hotel Laphetos Beach Resort know this: you shall surely additionally there and it's all free of charge on the system "all inclusive".