December 6th, 2014

In the UK there was a ghost hospital Krivoy Rog!

Recently, a new hospital in Derbistali began to notice a male figure in a dark cloak, which is rapidly moved through the wards and through walls.

Employees were told that a ghost appears particularly often in areas adjacent to the hospital morgue.

Administration was forced to call an exorcist after staff began to complain of a ghost. According to some reports, the expulsion of a ghost hospital walls to happen in the coming days.

According to The Sun, experts in the field of the paranormal believe that the ghost may be the spirit of a Roman soldier, who was killed on the spot where in 1920 was built the old hospital. Builders then ignored the protests of the local population and occupied part of the road paved by the Romans, and a new hospital was built on the site of the old.