August 21st, 2014

In the UK, the attraction opened position for witches Krivoy Rog!

Administration amusement park "Wookey Hole Caves," which is located in the English county of Somerset, near Wells, opened position witches, whose salary is 50 tis. pounds per year.

The duties included teaching workers of magic and witchcraft.

Requirements: must be able to convincingly lucky cackle and not be allergic to cats. In daily duties include working witches on one of the rides, so that visitors to the park, passing through the caves can get an idea of the Dark Ages and immerse yourself in the atmosphere that prevailed in those days, writes

Witches and wizards should appear in the form of labor and bring any necessary items of equipment for the job.

Interviews are scheduled to take place on July 28. Separately noted that they can participate in all comers. As a result, the competition authorities of amusement parks to choose only one witch.