October 29th, 2014

In the stomachs of sharks are interesting things Krivoy Rog!

New Zealand scientists have recently announced that they will broadcast the opening shark online. It turns out that in the stomachs of sharks are interesting things.

Introducing the most unusual findings in the stomachs of sharks:

  1. In 1821, the sailor tried unsuccessfully to catch fish on metal dollars instead of bait. Four days later, at a distance of 300 miles of his comrades caught sharks and dolphins, which were found in the stomachs of three hooks with dollars.
  2. One sheep, the head and legs of lamb, horse leg (crab), sea owl and a few more items for garnish – the list of the stomach contents sharks caught in 1823.
  3. In 1823, found in the stomach of a shark six-pound cannonball. As suggested by the author, the core attached to the dead to bury him at sea and the shark ate the dead man with the load.
  4. Bundle compromising documents from the American brig Nancy, who pretended to be a neutral vessel, – that the British sailors found inside a shark during the war for American independence (1775-1783). It is curious that the shark opened on the orders of the captain to re-use bait – a piece of pork.
  5. "I was a monster seven rows of teeth, with three rows of almost plunged into the upper gums … In his semi-decomposed corpse found belly men – well-dressed, middle-sized white shirts with pearl buttons, silk undershirt, cotton socks, shoes almost new", – said in a report from New Orleans from 1856.
  6. Eaten twice: in 1862 during a storm from the deck of the steamer Jutland washed goose belonging to the second operator to Tate. As a goose leg was attached tag with the name and address of the owner, the fishermen who found the bird in the stomach shark returned it to Tate, who roasted goose and ate.
  7. In Brisbane in 1869 in the stomach of a giant shark found many different delicacies, including sheepskin and unusually large crab.
  8. "My stomach was a pair of human feet, shod in boots" – about a shark izlovlennoy in Fiume in 1887. An association with feet in sneakers, which are regularly the last time in Canada.
  9. In 1922 he was removed from the shark live turtle. It was transferred to the New York Aquarium. Turtle named symbolic name Jonah.
  10. When Sydney Aquarium in 1935 delivered live shark, it spewed out of his mouth a man's arm with the tattoo. "At the tattoo and fingerprints revealed that it is the hand of James Smith, who, according to police, was killed and thrown into the sea."