December 25th, 2014

In the Russian air passengers will pay a fine 5000 rubles Krivoy Rog!

In Russia, for breaches of aviation security passenger aircraft will have to pay a fine.

Appropriate changes are made to the Code of Administrative Offences (CAO) under which is expected to increase by 50 times – up to 5000 rubles – fine for passengers who do not meet the requirements of aircraft commander.

According to the first deputy of the Duma Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Construction Alexander Moskalets that 85% of accidents are due to human factors, and only the rest – for other reasons.

The same goes for drinking alcohol, alcohol products containing ethyl alcohol of 12 percent or more of the finished product on the streets, stadiums, squares, parks, and most importantly – in a public transport vehicle – airplanes, buses, trams, trains, except the organization of trade and catering, which authorized the sale of alcoholic beverages on tap, will be punished with a fine ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 rubles. Note that now the peny for drinking alcohol in public places from 300 to 500 rubles.

In addition, the bill toughens sanctions airlines, airports and other services for activities that threaten the safety, aviation security violations, rules for the use of airspace and the safety of aircraft operations.