December 7th, 2013

In the restoration of Lviv Ukraine can not do without Australian investors

Recently held a meeting of the Minister of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine Vasily Kuibida with Austrian Ambassador in Ukraine and Marcus Vuketych representative Rainer Vienna Magistrate tpn. During the meeting, the Minister of the Australian side presented its project to restore the cultural heritage of Lviv. According to Marcus Vuketych, Western Ukraine has great potential for tourism development (for example, a large number of cultural heritage). However, to date these objects require a serious interference. In order to restore and preserve 15 historic sites located in the Western Ukraine, according to Peter Schneider, manager of the company "PAN PLAN" (included in the structure "Konsortsuma"), Australian investors are ready to send 120 million euros. While managing sure this investment will pay for itself in the near future. As an example can serve as a Viennese castle "Schnbrunn". The fact is that over the last 15 years in its reconstruction and development has been invested 150 million euros. To date, the company established its base "Schoenbrunn Castle" with a turnover of 25 million euros.

V.Kuybida Minister, in turn, assured Australian representatives that the Ukrainian side is ready to lend its full support to the project. And at the moment, he said, is preparing a draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, according to which the reserve will be established "Castles and palaces of Lviv."