February 14th, 2014

In Sharm El Sheikh shark no Krivoy Rog!

According to an official in the ministry there is no state of emergency, as well as danger. He also explained that in the waters of sharks do appear, but they do not close the beach swim. Besides sharks come into coastal area in search of food, which is actually a fish, not people. Tours to Egypt from Krivoy Rog offers tour company Discovery .

He also added that recently noticed by a shark, not seen at the beach, at a substantial distance from the shore. Shark showed no interest in the people, as it attracted the fish to the area. Operations Service surveyed the territory where the alleged shark was spotted, but to discover the service did not succeed. New signals about the appearance of sharks have been reported.

Administration of the region, as well as management of all hotels in the zone have been advised that in their district could go shark. However, this was done to increase alertness. Currently no danger in the area of Sharm El Sheikh is not.