February 26th, 2014

In Kiev, opened the rope park

Kyiv authorities hope to attract attention to the city, both by locals and by tourists. A new, unusual place to stay, which appeared recently in Kiev, probably, should help in achieving this goal. We are talking about indoor rope park Sky Quest. From now on, all visitors can enjoy skiing at 20 different attractions, experience the height of 4-8 meters rope routes of different difficulty levels, to visit the maze (incidentally, also rope) … There will be entertainment in the park for the little ones (for this purpose was built nursery rope playground). Of course, this holiday is associated with a certain degree of risk. Therefore, the park has professional instructors, and before going to the track every visitor passes thorough review of the behavior on obstacles. In addition, in order to comply with safety measures for all travelers insurance and wear a helmet. And this, in turn, enables non-professional climbers try their hand at "rock", and in close to real conditions.

And once a week (on Mondays) instructors conduct a master class in rock climbing. The duration of the sessions of 1 hour and costs 100 hryvnia per person. Besides visiting the park on Tuesday, you will automatically receive a 50% discount. Environment can bring a kind of a surprise to women, who came in as the day women (accompanied by satellite) and free use of the attractions. It is through such a discount that day from the organizers of the park was named "Women's Day". If you want to take a master class on mountaineering (100 hryvnia per person), then welcome to the park on Thursday. In addition, in the park, there are other promotions and discounts.

Initially, this type of vacation was designed for young people. This was reported LigaBusinessInform. But then, having received the first results, the organizers of the project decided to slightly modify its focus on the age group. And led them to this decision realize that rope park rides are no less popular among children seven years and older, and among the older generation of tourists.

Rope Park is located on the second floor of the new shopping center "BlockBaster" Petrovka, in the lobby of the cinema IMAX. Opening hours are: weekdays from 17.00 to 22.00, and at the weekend – from 10.00 to 22.00. The cost of staying on the roller coaster for 20 minutes is 50 UAH per person.