December 10th, 2013

In Japan, there is a new job: wedding guests Krivoy Rog!

In Japan, for the wedding began arendovyvat not only cars, but even fake family, friends and colleagues.

In addition, the company can provide the Office Agents even fake groom or bride to introduce family, or secretary for those who want to look more impressive. "Sometimes, a guest can not come. Or you are concerned that your hand is less than the guests. Or are you a temporary employee, and you just uncomfortable to invite his boss, "- said Hiroshi Mizutani, CEO Office Agents, which provides similar services, according ru.Reuters.

How much does it cost? So, for 20,000 yen ($ 200), the company will give people who attend the ceremony. For an extra 5,000 yen guest will perform a song or dance. More than 10,000 yen for he will deliver a speech about the merits of the newlyweds.

The company gets about 100 wedding requests per year. Approximately 1,000 friends, family and colleagues on call ready to help in a variety of cases, whether it is a wedding, funeral or training seminars.