September 7th, 2014

In Japan, the trains will travel at speeds of 581 km / h Krivoy Rog!

New record high-speed rail link to try to beat the 2025 Japanese engineers. According to specialists, the new trains will travel at speeds of 581 kilometers per hour.

Since 2025 superfast passenger train will run between the cities of Tokyo and Nagoya, while its maximum speed would be about seven kilometers per hour higher than it is now incumbent French competitor.

As the , French and Japanese trains are considered to be the fastest in the world. Most recently, the shinkansen French TGV to set a new speed record – 574 km / h

However, the Japanese are going to surpass the competition with the new technology of motion on a magnetic cushion. The secret of speed and security of such trains is in the magnetic levitation system, which allows the train to literally "hang" over the tracks at a height of 10 millimeters.

The length of the new railway line will be 290 kilometers. Construction of the new line will Railway Central Japan Railway Co, which intends to invest in the project about $ 45 billion.