December 28th, 2014

In Italy will start working lighthouses hotels. Tours in Italy from Krivoy Rog Krivoy Rog!

On the island of Sardinia in the very near future 15 lighthouses will be converted into a hotel, boutiques, museums and art galleries. Sardinian authorities have taken such a step forced, since the budget of the island, the content of historical monuments is a heavy task. Bus Tours in Italy from Krivoy Rog can be ordered in the travel agency Discovery .

According to Italian media beacons will be auctioned. Companies that want to do the reconstruction beacons can redeem right to rent. The lease term is 30 years. According to experts, some beacons need a global restoration and only need some redecorating. The authorities expect that this special auction will attract the attention of many investors, as all lighthouses offered for rent, located in the popular tourist areas. If you need a visa to Italy from Krivoy Rog, experts Discovery firms handling can render and visa consulting.

Today in Italy, only one or a lighthouse hotel, which is located in Capo Spartivento. This 5-star hotel, the room rate per night which is one thousand dollars. However, according to new beacons hotels are more affordable and the price per person will be around 150 euros per night.