July 29th, 2014

In Istanbul from Krivoy Rog to see the restoration of the Grand Bazaar Krivoy Rog!

In the next year in Turkey will begin reconstruction of the historical places in Istanbul – Grand Bazaar. This repair will be the first major overhaul for the entire existence of the bazaar. Grand Bazaar has been around for 550 years. During his press conference, the municipality measures Fatih Mustafa Demir noted that during the repair will be restored 3 tys.600 shops, 66 streets and 38 antique shops. Wonderful holiday in Turkey from Krivoy Rog, you can afford with a tour company Discovery. Most of the territory of the Grand Bazaar is owned by private owners, who will have to make a certain amount of budget for the project, which will depend on the area of the store.

The mayor also said that the reconstruction of the site was planned long ago, but after the incident, which occurred on the set of the James Bond films, made the city hall hurry to start the restoration. Discounted tickets to Turkey from Krivoy Rog with the travel company Discovery is a great opportunity to arrange a real holiday.

Recall that during the filming, the stunt could not cope with the management of the motorcycle and crashed into a shop window, a history spanning 330 years. This led to criticism of the authorities of the city, as the territory of the historic bazaar there are no measures to protect it.

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