May 25th, 2014

In Israel, the police would shoot with hidden cameras Krivoy Rog!

In Israel, the police decided to use the popularity of CCTV cameras for the benefit of society. To date, the cameras are installed almost everywhere.

It turned out that the little camera to work. Recently, the Israeli police came up with a great idea – use private cameras to monitor the population.

According to police officials, these measures will help to solve two problems: firstly it will help in solving crimes, as in the hands of the police will be video in real time, and secondly, the cameras will help prevent crimes, writes

The implementation of the first part of the global plan of "reality show" – detailed mapping center of the country, where the location of cameras will be noted – as security, and designed to monitor traffic police plan to start soon.

Cameras placed all over the country will be able to give the police report on the activities of each person.