November 28th, 2014

In India it is impossible to import products of animal and vegetable origin. Buy a tour to India from Krivoy Rog Krivoy Rog!

In India banned the importation of seeds and products of animal and vegetable origin. As it became known, for violation of this rule tourists will prosecute. Will buy a tour to India from Krivoy Rog can travel company in Discovery.

Now passengers must indicate whether they carry with them plants, fruits, seeds, bulbs, flowers and so on. And shall also specify whether to carry an animal products. Also pay attention to the customs satellite phones, money, more than five thousand dollars. Such goods to be declared, otherwise a tourist would be subjected to criminal prosecution, and maybe even arrested. Tours in India from Krivoy Rog available in Discovery tour company.

Foreign tourists are free to carry duty-souvenirs and gifts for a sum not exceeding eight thousand rupees. Also allowed to bring personal items, a laptop or handheld computer, personal jewelry, that if all these goods are re-exported. If you have problems, then you need to contact an officer to work with the citizens, which is always present at the airport.

Tourists are advised to go to India with the insurance. Usually it does not require the embassy, so most tourists do not make out health insurance, because of what faced with adversity.
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