April 21st, 2014

In hotels Travelodge lose their heads Krivoy Rog!

During the crisis in Travelodge hotels are increasingly began to stop wehy people traveling for business purposes, and would reduce costs. This affected the number of luxuries that seem to have forgotten in the rooms.

So, guests of the hotel in Glasgow forgotten in the room hand lizard named Humphrey. And the hotel staff at Hatfield found hanging on the bathroom door wedding dress – forget it newlyweds who spent in the room on their wedding night.

As the frontdesk.ru, in 2008, guests at the hotel left two sets of keys to the Porsche 911, wrist watches Rolex c diamonds and black credit card American Express, maintenance cost of which exceeds two thousand dollars a year.

However, the most unusual find employees chains believe racehorse, which was transported in a special trailer and forgotten in the car park at the hotel in Droitwich. Animal hosts remembered him only half an hour after they left the hotel.