January 31st, 2014

In Germany, according to the canons built resort Nazi ideology

In the near future, the German authorities are planning to open the first monumental resort Nazi era German island of Ruegen. However, this solution has led to the fact that in recent times do not stop a heated debate between supporters and opponents of the project. Critics have accused the government of failure to perform its obligations regarding the provision of property to private investors. The essence of the project can be explained by returning back a bit in history. The fact that the program of Adolf Hitler designed to promote health of the German nation, was erected a giant hotel complex in the resort Prora, located on the largest island in the Baltic Sea countries. In it, according to the organizers, could accommodate 20,000 tourists. Construction of the project was started in 1936, but then the project was abandoned in 1943 during the war. As a result, were not open to the public five six-story buildings next to a beautiful sandy beach. Now the local government together with a group of investors has initiated the restoration project cost 100,000 euros. According to one of the officials, the purpose of this decision was to turn it into a complex of ruins in the modern resort. Since the project was originally developed by all the canons of Nazi ideology, this has led to the fact that the construction of the resort on the historic site has become scandalous.