September 1st, 2014

In Budapest found underground treasure – thermal lake Krivoy Rog!

One of the largest underground water reservoir on the continent – was accidentally discovered by cavers in Budapest. Experts consider it one of the largest thermal lake on earth.

Dug a tunnel length of 8.5 meters, and now everyone can see it with my own eyes the lake. Real underground treasure – pond length of about 90, height – 30, and depth – 15 meters.

Budapest, more precisely one of its two parts – Buda is on the caves. Since the days of the empire remained here Atamanskaya tradition equip around the mini-geysers hot tubs.

Now try to provide unique discovery status of natural treasures of world significance. According to the mayor of the second district of Budapest Zsolt Lang, he will ask the government to include the entire cave system with lakes kennel under UNESCO's program.

Soon the lake will open to the public, and while it will be carefully studied by scientists.