January 4th, 2014

In Barcelona ban visit bars. Tours of Spain from Krivoy Rog Krivoy Rog!

Government of Barcelona decided to slightly reduce your guided tour, that wanted to remove the most popular tour of the bars. The problem is not that the authorities of the Catalan capital worried about the health of tourists, and the fact that foreign tourists after a few glasses of alcohol do not behave very quiet and concerned residents. Schengen visa to Spain from Krivoy Rog can be issued with

This tour is called rutas de bares, and if you think, tour operators are to blame for what is happening, because it is they offer tourists walk on several famous bars at the same time and try different alcoholic beverages. Such an approach often ends in brawl and scuffle.

But the ban is valid only within the Old Town, but may soon ban and around the city. In addition, travel agencies also forbidden to advertise such a walk, but imagine that tourists learned about them from the leaflets. Tours of Spain from Krivoy Rog offers travel agency Discovery .

Last year in Barcelona also imposed a ban on what tourists can not appear in a swimsuit or clothes too open. Ban imposed at the request of local residents who were shocked frank views of foreigners.