December 28th, 2014

In 2012, St. James Palace transformed into a luxury hotel Krivoy Rog!

Throughout the Summer Olympic Games in London, tourists can live in the palace of St. James.

The cost of the royal rooms will cost $ 50,000. It is also possible in the Throne Room or apartment in Queen Anne for conferences, dinner or a party.

To become the king of feel you have to shell out $ 1.6 million and will be your palace for a while.

Help: St. James Palace magnificent monument of ancient architecture. This is one of the official residences of the British royal family. Was built by Henry VIII in the hospital. Here were born several monarchs, including Charles II, who commissioned Sir Christopher Wren to add here a few luxury apartments overlooking State Park. Nowadays, the palace carries out its work British court, and the other part of the palace used by the Prince of Wales as an office, which received ambassadors from other countries.